Things to consider when buying a cat

Posted by Paul Mann

Looking at purchasing a catamaran? Been there, done that!

This article is not intended to revisit the advantages/disadvantages of multihulls versus monohulls as these issues are documented in numerous papers. Rather, I intended to try to focus on factors that become important to me during the purchasing process and observations made since owning a catamaran. I’ll also challenge some of the commonly expressed myths on aspects of catamaran sailing, especially from a cruising standpoint.

I can track my interest in catamarans back to 1978 when I took a year out to go sailing. During this time I spent four months on a Prout 45 Quasar catamaran cruising the northwest coast of France. The cat wasn’t particularly quick and wouldn’t have won any beauty contests but it must have held some attraction as I’d maintained a dream of owning a cat ever since.

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